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Rector: The Rev Canon Barbara Y. Fryday

Clonmel Union of Parishes, Parish Office :
The Rectory,
7, Linden Lea,
Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 619 05 97
Mobile: 086 275 07 35
email: clonmelunion2@gmail.com

Clonmel Union of Parishes Website www.clonmel.lismore.anglican.org

Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Website http://cashel.anglican.org/


1st & 3rd Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
9.30am Holy Communion Holy Trinity, Fethard
9.30am Morning Prayer St. Paul's, Cahir
11.00am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

2nd & 4th Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

9.30am Holy Communion St. Paul's, Cahir
9.30am Morning Prayer Holy Trinity, Fethard
11.00am Holy Communion Tullaghmeelan
11.00am Service of the Word Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

5th Sunday, Central Services in St. Patrick’s Church, Inishlonaught (Marlfield)

Wednesday Services at Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
Holy Communion 10.30am

Service times for Holy Days and Festivals as announced on Parish Newsletter

Clonmel Union of Parishes is a Church of Ireland parish group in South Tipperary, Ireland, and as such, is part of the Anglican Communion (Episcopalian).


What follows is Parish News..............

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 2017- January 2018

A Happy New Year to everybody!! During the coming year, it is to be hoped that we might see more of you at worship and participating in parish life!
A parish needs everybody to work together and to share in the life of the parish community. All are welcome. Don't be shy. Come along, best to introduce yourself to one person who will, I hope, introduce you to others.
We all have talents which we should share.
In the coming year, I hope we will leave behind us the past and move forward into the future.
Part of that needs to be a willingness to participate as a parishioner of the Union of Parishes in which we participate as one community of faith.
Each part of our parish has it's own culture and views. Its a pity we have been reluctant  to travel not so great distances to be together.
So, let's drive those few short kilometres to share and support each other’s events and acts of worship. You might be very surprised at the benefits we might reap in doing so!
Which church is below? If you have never seen this interior before; why not go to worship there at least once? Over the coming year the photo on the cover of your newsletter will be of a church building in our parish; closed or open!
                                Yours in Christ

Cleaning & Flowers in our Churches – Please remember to do what you have  volunteered for. It is also important to please take your rubbish away with you . The boiler room has been thoroughly cleaned by some of your fellow parishioners; lets help keep it that way!

Envelopes & Assessment – The 2018 envelopes are now availableThis scheme only works if every envelope is filled whether you are in Church or not! They are not just for “church collection” when you attend, they are a way to make a committment to supporting the everyday expenses of heat & light and general maintenance, renovation and repairs, and, for some includes Sunday collection as well. Some fill their envelopes for ungoing expenses and make a further donation by way of direct debit or single payment towards the Assessment. How you do it is your choice, but at the end of the day, all the bills must be paid. We have cut costs as far as is possible in order to try to keep going, but we live 6 months in arrears! As a result of the “crash” of the late 1980s/1990s our investments were reduced to about 1/3 of what they were! And costs have gone up again! If you need to indicate where the contents of an envelope needs to go; please write “collect” or “Assess” on the back of the envelope. Please, do not attach other pieces of paper which can come loose!

Select Vestry Meeting – Will take place in Old St Mary's Church, Clonmel on Friday 19th January 2018 @ 8.00pm – You will receive a reminder by text some days before, please reply to it!

Rev Arthur Carter – A presentation was made to the Rev Arthur Carter at the Carol Service in St Paul's on Friday the 15th December 2017

Whist Drives – Friday, 12th January    @ 8.00pm sharp
                          Friday,   9th February  @ 8.00pm sharp
                          Friday,   9th March       @ 8.00pm sharp
We relie on donations of prizes in order to keep going – this is one of a few fundraisers we have during the year and is also an opportunity to socialise.

Singing Group – Friday, 5th January 2018 @ 8.00pm in Old St Mary’s
Wed,   17th January 2018 @ 8.00pm in Old St Marys
Friday,  2nd February 2018 @ 8.00pm in Old St Marys
All are welcome to join in!

Christmas Fair – This was well attended in spite of the weather. We do not have a final result as of yet! Thank-you to those who supported their fellow parishioners who worked to make this event happen!

Greeting Cards – Greeting cards with pictures of all our 5 churches are available in each church at €2 each. The inside is blank to facilitate personal greeting.

Parish Records – At the moment we have a participant in the Tus scheme who is checking out database to ensure all entries in our registers have been recorded.

Recommissioning of Lay Readers – This took place in St Canice's Cathedral on Advent Sunday. Our Lay Readers play a very large part in the conducting of worship in our parishes. Without them, many of our churches would be closed on Sundays. The undergo a Level 7 course with six modules which is accredited to St Patrick's Pontifical College, Maynooth) It is quite challenging. If you would like to do the course for your own interest or with a view to becoming a Lay reader; speak to the Rector. As part of the recommissioning; Readers who were not previously Garda Vetted began the process. The recommisioning was preceded by a Quiet Day with the Bishop of Limerick; the Rt Revd Kenneth Kearon.
The ceremony included the Installation of Canon Brian O'Rouke as Prebenary of Killamery and the presentation of the Bishop's Adult Medal' which wa awarded to Ms Clare Jackson, Kilkenny.

Book Launch – Ms Aileen Acheson launched her 3rd book “Tales of the Copper Coast in Old St Mary's on 16th December 2017. Her old friend, Sean Healy, did the honours!

Welcome – We welcome a former Rector of Kilcooley back to our Diocese. The Rev Ian Cruickshank was Instituted to the Parish of Kilanne on 15th of December 2017.


Jan 2018
St Pauls, Cahir
Holy Trinity Fethard
Old St Marys


Dec 31st
Central Service in Old St Mary's @ 11.00am
Jan 7th
Epiphany 1


Worship in
other church
Jan 14th
Epiphany 2



Jan 21st
Epiphany 3


Worship in other church
Jan 28th
Epiphany 4


Service of the Word
Worship in other church
Feb 4th
2nd bef Lent


Worship in other church
Feb 11th
Sun Bef Lent



Feb 14th
Ash Wednesday
@ 9.00am
@ 7.30pm
@ 10.30am

Worship in other church

Wednesday Weekday Service – Service at 10.30am on Wednesdays in Old St Marys. Refreshments afterwards

Your Prayers – Please remember those who are unwell, at home & in hospital. At this time we need to pray, especially, for peace.

Sunday Life -This is an hour-long programme on TippFm which is broadcast from 7- 8am on Sunday mornings. It usually comprises music, reading and interviews. We keep it light as most of our listeners have just woken up!

 Confirmation – The bishop will visit our parish to administor Confirmation on 22nd April 2018. If there is anybody who wishes to be confirmed (12 upwards), please speak to the Rector. Classes will begin in the Rectory at 4.00pm from 24th January 2018.

Diocesan Magazine – This is a monthly production of news and information on 10 months of the year. The cost is €40. Payment for some 2017 editions is still outstanding; talk to me.

Clergy Moving – The Dean of Ossory, the Very Rev Katherine Poulton has been appointed Rector of Julianstown, Co Meath. She has done tremendous work in St Canice's and Kilkenny Parish. We will be the poorer for her departure.
The Rev Robert Jones has been appointed Rector of Kiltegan Union of Parishes and will arrive during the Spring.

Rugby Club Concert – The church was full and the music was out of this world! Kelly Lonergan was in top form and the choir has gone from strength to strength.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Interest in this event has waned in recent years. We should take every opportunity to pray with other Christians in our troubled world. We have so much to share with those who interpret the Bible in a variety of ways, have a developed doctrine somewhat unlike us and who worship Almighty God in ways not familiar to us. On Sunday 28th January we are invited to share in an act of worship in which we will celebrate our common Christian faith in St Mary's Church, Cahir by kind invitation of the new Parish Priest, Fr Tom Rogers. Come along and share in this celebration. Our Lord prayed that we might all be one!

Local Ordained Ministry – The Church of Ireland has been considering this ministry for some time. It is about those who feel called to ordained Ministry; but not in the wider Church. This will involve an academic course that will be accredited to a theological institution combined with the support of the candidate's Rector who will tutor in practical theology and practice. It will certainly require time away from home and, from my own experience, a change in lifestyle at home and outside the home! This month's diocesan magazine has an article about it. The idea is that this ministry will be served in one's own parish; which in itself may prove, for some, to be challenging. It will not be a direct pathway towards fulltime ordained ministry.
I served my 1st two years of ministry in my own parish. If you wish to talk about it or a group wishes to discuss it; I am there to listen, guide and help in any way I can.

Carol Services – As this newsletter is being put together Carol Services have taken place in Cahir and Fethard.

In Cahir we had a truly ecumenical evening with the Parish Priest, Fr Tom Rogers, the Presbyterian Minister, Rev William Montgomery, a representative of  the Rockwell Community, Fr Matt and the Coptic Community being represented by Fr Dimitri. Maureen Purcell's choir were in full voice with the Suirvale Choir absent due to many of its members not yet being home for the festive season.

In Fethard, we had a full church with everybody in full voice. The Choral Society sang a number of festive carols and  also present were; Fr Liam Everard PP, Fr Izzy Donovan from the Abbey and Dean RB McCarthy; all of whom read. Thank-you to parishioners for the beautifully decorated churches and the sumptuous feasts before we went home!.

Inishlounaght , St Patrick’s ( Marlfield)– As you know, the avenue at Marlfield Church has been in need of refurbishment for some time. We were so grateful for the help we received from local people in clearing up the mess caused by Hurrican Ophelia.
Now our neighbour, Mr Clancy, who accesses his farmyard along the driveway has resurfaced the avenue. It looks great. We should never underestimate the kindness and generosity of others; especially our neighbours!

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