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Rector: The Rev Canon Barbara Y. Fryday

Clonmel Union of Parishes, Parish Office :
The Rectory,
7, Linden Lea,
Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 619 05 97
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email: clonmelunion2@gmail.com

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1st & 3rd Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
9.30am Holy Communion Holy Trinity, Fethard
9.30am Morning Prayer St. Paul's, Cahir
11.00am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

2nd & 4th Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

9.30am Holy Communion St. Paul's, Cahir
9.30am Morning Prayer Holy Trinity, Fethard
11.00am Holy Communion Tullaghmeelan
11.00am Service of the Word Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

5th Sunday, Central Services in St. Patrick’s Church, Inishlonaught (Marlfield)

Wednesday Services at Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
Holy Communion 10.30am

Service times for Holy Days and Festivals as announced on Parish Newsletter

Clonmel Union of Parishes is a Church of Ireland parish group in South Tipperary, Ireland, and as such, is part of the Anglican Communion (Episcopalian).


What follows is Parish News..............

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Last month I indicated that we were approaching a situation where Lay Reader support would become rather difficult due to the lack of new candidates.
Unfortunately, we now find ourselves in that position; but not because of retirements. In part due to there being no Rector/Priest in Charge in Piltown, the availability of readers has diminished. That situation should reduce after the new Priest-in-Charge arrives at the end of August.

The Dean of Cashel is unwell and will be off duty for some time. This means that the Readers in Cashel Union will be fully occupied during that time. It is also Summertime and many will be away and unavailable.

The time has come for us to become “self – sufficient” It is not fair to expect anybody to get up out of their pew and read a Service “off the cuff” . So, I am offering Churchwardens and those who are willing to be of assistance a short “course” in why we use the format we have for worship and some guidance in how to read it with the congregation! We need to train more Diocesan Readers as well. Here in our parish  we had two Readers in the past. We have had nobody offering for some years. Those who would like to learn a little bit more about what we do and why we do it are also welcome; even if you do not want to lead worship!
So the first two dates –
 Friday, 12th July @ 8.00pm in the Rectory and
Friday, 26th July @ 8.00pm.
There will be more in the Autumn/Winter.

The annual Summer visitations to our Churches have begun. Volunteers to help with this would be a great help. An hour or two on one morning/afternoon of the week would help wonderfully.





    2nd Sunday
7th July
Worship in other church
14th July
Trinity 4

21st July
Trinity 5
Worship in other church
28th July
Trinity 6

Service of
   the Word
Worship in other church
4th August
Trinity 7

Worship in other church

Pentecost Eve – I was delighted that 14 parishioners attended this event. Thank-you to Justin & Bigi for enabling it to happen. They volunteered to do it when they realised that I could not be there. I hope those who were present “enjoyed” the experience. We should give an enormous “Thank -you” to our Diocesan Communications’ Officer who is full of ideas; some of her best achievements so far have been her encouragement in getting us to do new things. The Pentecost videoing thanks to her, went so well when a group of clergy and lay members of the diocese spent a Sunday afternoon in Wexford dressing up and doing our version of the Coming of the Holy Spirit. We had fun doing it. And then the effort and skill with which she got it edited and helped us produce the Service in each parish in our Diocese.
I have the “stick” and, if you were unable to be there, we could replicate that Saturday evening in the near future.

WednesdaysHoly Communion @10.30am in Old St Marys. Refreshments afterwards.

Rev Canon George Knowd – Canon George was my immediate predecessor who arrived in Clonmel to a dilapidated Old St Mary’s, and Holy Trinity, Fethard which was not much better state. Both of these churches were in dire need of a serious “makeover”. The parishioners of Holy Trinity received a legacy which enabled the necessary repairs. In Old St Marys, Canon George led a team who transformed the church interior. It was a project that he led with energy and is a memorial to his enthusiasm and forthrightness. Sympathy goes to Gwen and his family. His funeral took place in Cashel Cathedral followed by  burial in Aghaboe Churchyard. May he rest in peace.

Schools Festival Service – This took place in the Cathedral in Waterford on Friday, 14th June 2019 @ 11.00am. The cathedral was filled with children, teachers and parents. The children from the six schools in our area sang, read, recited and in reality conducted the Service with the Rev Smyth keeping the momentum flowing. Our teachers and pupils played their part in a most professional way.

The Parochial School – This is our parish school and is situated in the  old Model School on Western Road. We have two fulltime classroom teachers, a fulltime teacher whose duties are to help pupils in those subjects they find a little difficult and a secretary. The Board of Management is made up of the Chairperson who is the Rector, parishioners and parents. The school telephone number is available on the Parish Website

EIO Surveys – Holy Trinity, Fethard and Old St Mary's have now been surveyed by our insurance company. The other churches in the parish will be surveyed in the coming months.

Koln Philharmonia – Will perform in Old St Marys on Wednesday, 7th August  @8.00pm.

Sunday Life – This hour long programme is broadcast on TipFm on Sunday mornings from 7 – 8am. It is presented by local clergy and, usually, consists of music, readings and chat.

Special Diocesan Synod – As these notes are being written, preparations are being made for our special Synod tomorrow. We have not sat down and reviewed how we manage, maintain and review the life of our diocese for a very long time. So, tomorrow, 29th June 2019, the diocesan synod will meet in Kilkenny College to review all aspects of diocesan and parish life. It will be followed by some of us with the annual meeting of the “Friends” of St Canice’s Cathedral and the Cathedral Chapter will lead evensong later in the evening.

Parish BBQ –! This will take place this Sunday at the Rectory from about 1pm onwards. This is a fundraiser and the menu will include steaks. Charge €15, children free (up to 16yrs). All welcome

Safeguarding Trust – The Diocesan Team/Panel have almost completed their training; which has been detailed and quite detailed! The 1st training days for members of parish panels and all who take part in child orientated activities will be required to attend training in the coming months. Parish policies are being written and it can be taken for granted that Safeguarding Trust is now an integral part of parish life. This is not to be taken as yet another onerous duty but needs to be accepted, seen and implemented as our collective effort to ensure that all minors and vulnerable adults and particularly “safeguarded” from abuse of any kind. To begin with, everybody needs to know who the panel members are! To do that you need to view the parish panel notice on your church notice board.

Singing Group – Will meet to choose hymns for the coming weeks and to sing them and learn new hymns on Friday, 5th July 2019. One very good reason for joining us is; if you want your favourite hymn/s sung occasionally; being a member of this team helps!!

Harvest Thanksgivings 2019 -
Sunday, 1st September 2019 in Cahir @ 7.30pm
Sunday, 8th September 2019 – Tullaghmeelan @3.30pm
Sunday, 15th September 2019 – Fethard @ 7.30pm
Friday, 20th September 2019 – Clonmel @ 7.30pm

Thursday, May 30, 2019

May has been a very busy month. The General Easter vestry took place on Friday, 3rd May 2019.  Attendance was poor – a situation mirrored in other places in our diocese. Easter was very late this year and, it seems, that for some events of a more summery climate had kicked in.

The special Pentecost Eve service details are in this newsletter. This will be “broadcast” electronically. It may very well give us a sense of times how worship may be presented in the future!

The General Synod of the Church of Ireland took place in Derry this year. It was a long drive; but pleasant as both journeys took place in sunny weather.

A special Synod will take place in the coming weeks to consider the future of our diocese. We will look at how we do things t the moment and consider changes. There is a new spirit at the moment and I hope many of you will embrace our efforts to bring what we do into a new and exciting place.


St Patrick's Church, Inishlounaght (Marlfield) – We have shared this 
church with the parishioners of St Mary's, Irishtown for some years. It began at a time when they needed more space for worship. Times have changed and numbers at worship have decreased. As of the beginning of May, this church has fully reverted to us. The practical aspect of this was the transference of the electricity bill to our account.

Safeguarding Trust – A diocesan panel has been formed and those of us 
been undergoing intensive training with the help of professional in that field. . This will enable the diocese to present the training of parish panels, parishioners and other training events. It will have oversight of the programme.

Bereavement - Francis (Frank) Sparrow died in Sacre Coeur, Tipperary
town on 12th May after a long period in care. His funeral Service took place in Holy Trinity Church, Fethard on 19th May. Burial took place in Cooleagh; A medieval church site north of Fethard and next door to his home at St Johnstown. Our sympathy goes to his sisters and their families in the UK and the Thompson family of Golden, Co Tipperary. May he rest in peace.

Holy Matrimony – Richard Thomson-Moore and Anna Coakes were 
united in Holy Matrimony in Holy Trinity Chaurch, Fethard on Saturday, 25th May 2019 in the presence of a full church. Anna's family travelled from Australia for this happy occasion. We wish them a long and happy marriage at Barne.

Sunday Life – On TippFm on Sunday mornings @ 7.00am.

Select Vestry Meeting – Friday, 14th June 2019 @ 8.00pm
                                         in Old St Marys.

Schools Festival Service – This Service takes place in three venues in the 
Diocese each year on the 2nd Friday in June. So this year, our school will attend at Waterford Cathedral on Friday, 14th June 2019 @ 11.00am.

EIO Surveys – Holy Trinity, Fethard and Old St Mary's have now been 
surveyed by our insurance company. The other churches in the parish will be surveyed in the coming months.

Chapter Duty in St Canice's, Kilkenny – It is the custom from medieval 
times that members of the Cathedral Chapter preaches once per year. I will preach in St Canice's Cathedral at the 11.30 Eucharist on Sunday, 23rd June 2019.

Other General Synod News – The Pastoral Services relating to sensitive 
family care a in relation to stillbirths and infant mortality were passed and becam part of our prayerbook at Synod. There are pastorally sensitive services, prayers etc outlined to help clergy with those times when families are in the depths of sorrow and loss.

Koln Philharmonia – Will perform in Old St Marys on Wednesday, 7th August @8.00pm.

Harvest Thanksgivings -
Sunday, 1st September 2019 in Cahir @ 7.30pm
Sunday, 8th September 2019 – Tullaghmeelan @3.30pm
Sunday, 15th September 2019 – Fethard @ 7.30pm
Friday, 20th September 2019 – Clonmel @ 7.30pm

Sunday Afternoon Musictime – Members of rhe Concert Band of Banna 
Cluain Meala entertained a full church at Old St Mary's on Sunday, 26th May 2019. Their hall was full of voting boxes, they needed to practice and so this event took place. There was a retiring collection as people left the church in aid of our efforts to raise enough to renovate our hall. The box, filled with notes and coins in it, amounted to €1405 when counted!!.

Lay Readers/Clergy – I attended a meeting of the Diocesan Wardens of Readers this week. A number of other dioceses are now following the course our diocese has used for some time. There is concern that the new Ordained Local Ministry will impact on our teams of Diocesan Readers. The OLM will consist of parishioners who will persue the new course for this ministry and serve in their own localities/parishes.  There is a concern that many of our present Diocesan Readers will seek ordination to this ministry and so reduce the availability of lay readers for conducting worship around our diocese. There are signs that this is already happening. We will always rely on both ministries Sunday by Sunday.
We find ourselves, also, in a position where more and more parishes are unable to fund ordained Rectors/Curates etc. in their parishes.
It is important that we have sufficient clergy/ readers in order to provide. worship Sunday by Sunday. The age profile of clergy in most dioceses is rising. The Church of Ireland is in a somewhat better place in this matter than some other Churches. A chat with the Rector is the 1st port of call!
The Readers course in our Diocese is delivered locally within the Diocese. Once again, the Rector is there to receive those who would like more information!

Wednesdays – Holy Communion @ 10.30am – this will not take palce 
                         on Wednesday, 5th June 2019

Saturday, 8th June 2019 – In every parish in our diocese a special 
Pentecost Service will take place on the evening before on the Eve of Pentecost. The Service will be conducted by the Bishop; transmitted on a screen. Lay Reader, Mike O'Meara will lead in Old St Mary's @ 8.00pm.  Please do attend this special event which is the beginning of a new era in our Diocese.

 Parish BBQ - June 30th @ 1.30pm at the Rectory - cost €15 per adult; children 14yrs and younger free.
More details and to give idea on numbers, contact the rector.
Some help with setting up would be appreciated. Please contact the rector if you can help. This is a parish fundraising event which benefits our whole parish. Looking forward to a good attendance.

Celtic Choristers – This group of singers entertained a sizeable audience in Old St Mary's on 4th May 2019. It was organised by Maureen Purcell.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

I do hope you had a lovely and peaceful Easter. Thank-you to those who decorated St Paul’s and Holy Trinity.

Thank-you to the person who left a bucket full of beautiful Spring blooms at Old St Mary’s. They filled the font!

The lighting of the Paschal candles in St Mary’s Churchyard took place in the presence of a large number of people, clergy and the fire was provided by the scouts.
We could still do with some more plants for our bio-diversity project at Old St Mary’s

I attended the Chrism Eucharist in Leighlin Cathedral on Holy Thursday morning. As usual there was a large attendance of clergy and Readers. During the Service the Bishop blessed the oils for Baptism, the sick and Ordination. Using oils has not been a practise of the Church of Ireland in the recent past. We also shunned stoles also and other aspects of the Church in the past in Ireland and took “pride” in being “faithful to the Fathers of the Church”! Then, we woke up; did that which we were afraid to do and discovered that the heavens didn’t fall in, but that for many, colour, symbol and modern language brought the two lives we seek to live in union with each other are indeed compatible, wholesome and helpful. We even came to realise that following God’s Creation in which He created male and female to share equally we too are obliged to treat all equally. We still have a long way to go!!
On Saturday, 8th June; the Eve of Pentecost the special Service for the Eve of Pentecost which will take place in every parish in our Diocese will take place in Old St Marys @ 8.00pm.
  It will include a new hymn and the “film” featuring members of our Diocesan Family.                                           Barbara

Clonmel Tourism – We recently signed up to membership of Clonmel Tourism; which is a new initiative. Membership gives us a site on their website/Facebook. This enables us to be part of an effort to promote our parish, it’s history, times of worship, opening times and phone number/parish email for those who wish to make contact. It has put us in a position where we are “out there”. We need to do what we can to meet the invitation we now have out there for all who would visit and bring with it the benefits it would yield. Google it!

Fundraising Meeting – We will meet on Wednesday, 8th May 2019 @ 8.00pm in the Rectory to plan our fundraising for the remainder of the years.

Sunday Life – This Christian programme on Tipp Fm is broadcast from 7 – 8am on Sunday mornings and is presented by clergy of South  Tipperary.

Singing Group - will practice in Old St Mary’s on Thursday, 11th April at 8.00pm.  All welcome!

Safeguarding Trust – There are policies required for all aspects of this. Every aspect of Church life is covered! The one regarding photography is that none of us may take a photograph of a minor (under 18yrs) without the permission of a parent/guardian. The publication of photographs is covered under Data Protection. Yes, the world has changed and we must also change!! It’s not something dreamed up by “the Church” or any other organisation; it is for the protection of minors and vulnerable adults and seeks to ensure the safety of all!! In the coming weeks and months there will be further information and training for everybody. The diocesan committee that will oversee all aspects of Safeguarding will meet in the coming weeks to plan what we all need to do!

Parish BBQ -  This will take place on Sunday, 30th June 2019 at the Rectory from about 1pm onwards. Arrangements are as usual. There will be steaks and the usual food. Contributions of salads, desserts etc are always welcome. Adults 15euro Children under 16yrs Free. We share the proceeds with another charity. 

General Synod – As is usual this large gathering of members of the Church of Ireland who have been elected to our governing body meet in mid – May. This year we meet in Londonderry/Derry for the 1st time ever. As the very large body of clergy and laity of our Church meets to discuss, make decisions and decide on ways to further God’s Kingdom and to make His Church a place for all who believe.

Pentecost Some weeks ago a group of clergy and lay people in our diocese got together and filmed a Pentecostal scene in Wexford. It was good fun with Bishop Michael playing Peter and the rest of us dressed up in appropriate costumes, singing and pretending to be present at the coming of the Holy Spirit. The plan is that each parish will receive a copy of this on a “stick” to be shown the night before Pentecost (Saturday, 8th June) during an act of worship. Volunteers to assist with screening would be welcome, please contact the Rector.

Hospital Visiting – There has been no change
to take the view that in informing hospital chaplains of details of those in hospital they are creating a breach of Data Protection! So, the chaplains continue to depend on patients or their families to inform us of loved one who are patients. The alternative is for the patient to ask for the chaplain to visit. The only time hospital staff would ring the chaplain, in the past, was when they considered a patient to be very seriously unwell.

It might be helpful to those of us who are chaplains to know whether there is still a space on the “admittance” form for the patient or for their family to identify the patient’s religion. Might I ask if you or your loved one is being admitted into hospital and is asked for identify their religion that somebody asks for the purpose of the question before completing the form.

Those of us who are trying to sort this out need as much information as possible in order to make progress. Please, do be aware that if you do not want the chaplain to visit, you are entitled to make it clear to staff. We do not wish to intrude on anybody who would prefer not to see the chaplain.
In the case of nursing homes, we would ask to visit a patient by name; so, in order for me to know who is in a nursing home somebody has to inform me.

Visitors – Many come to visit in Clonmel. They come as part of their holiday and for other reasons; particularly to further their knowledge of ancestors who left this island for a better life. We are privileged to have records going back to 1766. They are not complete; but the excitement and joy of finding any record is for many a particularly important moment in the life of somebody who knows their family left here for a better life and find a record of their lives still treasured by us.
Old St Mary’s holds numerous records. It records of Baptisms, dates of birth,, marriages, deaths and burial and within those records names of parents (Mums were not generally recorded on Church and Civil records until very recent times), place of residence, occupation and, in some, the Rector took the liberty of adding some extra details in the margins.
Sometimes the Rector recorded inclement weather or the fact that the garrison was out of town on a particular Sunday. One of the more unusual of records that worship did not take place in Holy Trinity, Fethard on a certain Sunday, because the Rector had died that morning!
Visitors also come to see their ancestor’s name on plaques on church walls. Sister from South Africa arrived one day last year wanting to see their
Grandfather’s name on the war memorial in Old St Mary’s. They said he had lost his life during WW1 in South Africa. I was stumped! Well when we went inside there he was on the plaque. I had never read it properly! These visitors often fill gaps in the lives of their family that are not recorded on plaques/registers.
We need to try to have somebody present when visitors arrive. Closed doors are a huge disappointment! It happens everywhere, but to have our churches open on a particular day/s of the week; especially, in summer would bring all sorts of benefits.

Fees – There has been a belief by many that there are no fees for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in our parish. All activities in Churches/Halls bring a cost in heat & light and maintenance which must be met.

In the case of a Baptism it is customary to present an “Offering”; that is a sum of money to say “Thank – you”.   As with all such giving the “offering” goes to the parish not the Priest/Rector.

There are set fees for Marriages. The Civil Register charges for the legal documentation necessary to contract a legal marriage. There are also fees for the use of the church for heat, light and general maintenance. These fees also go towards the parish not the Priest/Rector.

Funerals/Burials also have set fees as above. There is also the cost of a grave plot if on Church land (including that in churchyards of closed churches) and for each burial. Once again the fees go to the parish and not the clergy.
There are notices in the porches of each of our churches with regard to this.
I have to say that some Funeral Directors still assume that “Protestant” funerals have no charges. We don’t send out bills as it is assumed we all know our obligation as members to support as best we can.

It is also a fact that we depend on the Assessment/Sustentation to meet the costs of everyday life – maintenance and all those expenses of maintaining a parish. What you give as your contribution is up to you. The best way of doing it is to use the envelope system. You put 1/52th of what your decided to give for the calendar year in each envelope weekly (whether you go to Church in your parish or not!). We all also need to realise, when we decide what to give that as costs have risen over the years in our “ordinary” lives so, also, has the cost of maintaining our “Fabric, Finance and Furnishings” obligations.
(That “3FS” are the three areas we maintain!)
We also need to fundraise in order to actually meet our obligations and when all join in it brings in what we need; but more importantly it brings us together and that we can become a community of faith.

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Sunday, 26th May – 6th Sun of Easter – 350(CD21); 343(CD2); 695(CD39); 677(CD50); 376(CD22); 294(CD18); 295(CD18); 549(CD32); 634 (CD36); 386(CD23)
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