Level 3 Worship moves online

Level 3 Worship moves online
Level 3 Worship moves online
Welcome to Clonmel Union of Parishes ( Church of Ireland, a province of the Anglican Communion ), parish, page..

Rector: The Rev Canon Barbara Y. Fryday

Clonmel Union of Parishes, Parish Office :
The Rectory,
7, Linden Lea,
Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 619 0597
Mobile: 086 275 07 35
email: clonmelunionofparishes2@gmail.com

Clonmel Union of Parishes Website www.clonmel.lismore.anglican.org

Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory Website http://cashel.anglican.org/



Service Schedule August 2020 onwards

1st week of Month

8.30am - Holy Communion in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

9.30am – Holy Communion in Holy Trinity, Fethard

11.00am – Holy Communion in St Mary’s, Clonmel

2nd week of Month

8.30am – Holy Communion in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

9.30am – Holy Communion in St Paul’s, Cahir

11.00am – Holy Communion in Tullameelan Church

3rd week of Month

8.30am – Holy Communion in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

9.30am - Holy Communion Holy Trinity, Fethard

11.00am – Holy Communion in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

4th week of Month

8.30am – Holy Communion in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

9.30am - Holy Communion in St Paul’s, Cahir

11.00am – Holy Communion in St Mary’s, Clonmel

5th week of Month

8.30am – Holy Communion in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

11.00am – Holy Communion in St Patrick’s, Marlfield

Wednesday Services at Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
Holy Communion 10.30am

Service times for Holy Days and Festivals as announced on Parish Newsletter

Clonmel Union of Parishes is a Church of Ireland parish group in South Tipperary, Ireland, and as such, is part of the Anglican Communion (Episcopalian).


What follows is Parish News..............

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

October 2020 Newsletter - Clonmel Union of Parishes

 Retirement       We wish Mrs Barbara Brennan a happy, fruitful and well earned retirement from her long service as a teacher in our Parochial School. Barbara is a native of Clonmel and has lived here for most of her life. Her contribution to life in the Parochial School has always been in the interest of every pupil who attended there. Her talents and skills were always used for the benefit of others. She, also, has a deep and active faith.

We welcome Miss Hogan who will be the new teacher in our junior room! She has been present in our school during the early weeks of the new school year. This has worked very well as she became acquainted with our school.

The early weeks of this new school year has required much work and diligence in preparing and continuing to keep all staff and pupils safe.

A big “Thank-you” to Bernard Prendergast in his role in helping to prepare for opening the school and helping us all, who are involved, to ensure safety for all and encouragement to do what needed and still needs to be done  Barbara!


 Sunday Worship – We have no extra help with worship at the moment due to unavailability of Diocesan readers. Just to mention that it is the Rector/Incumbent who decides whether worship is Holy Communion or a Service of the Word at any time! Morning/Evening Prayer is the “Office” read/said by priests daily. Most of us older people were told to attend for Holy Communion monthly after our Confirmation! That was minimum and gave some the idea that more often was not recommended!

We all always need nourishment both spiritual and bodily to keep us going!

Since this Newsletter was first published the country has gone to level 3 restrictions, there can be no in church worship till we return to a least level 2 restrictions. Podcast Services are available online weekly.


Baptisms –

John Brereton was Baptised in Old St Mary’s on 5th September.


Odhran Sean Mathews and his twin brother, Donnacha George Mathews   

were Baptised in St Paul’s Church, Cahir on the 12th September.



Social Afternoon – A small group of parishioners met in the open air on

sunny afternoon for coffee and a chat at the Garden Centre. There was distancing and it really lifted spirits.



Treasurer – Thank-you to our parish Treasurer who has completed our Parish Accounts. It is very late in the year but Covid prevented so much from being done on time.  If you have not made your contribution to the Assessment; please do so asap. The Assessment is our giving to the upkeep and care of our Church, both parochial and diocesan. It is the generous giving of the people that pays our bills and provides for our parish needs, parish and diocesan clergy and diocesan office.



Social Gatherings – Unfortunately as things stand there appears to be little hope  of being able to be together to relax and communicate while playing whist or taking part in other activities that involve groups of people being together for some time yet! But do keep in contact with friends and family remotely! We all need to others in our lives to remain healthy!



Confirmation – This was postponed because of Covid- 19. It was held on Sunday, 4th October 2020 and the Service w in Holy Trinity Fethard, at 7.30pm. Congratulations to all.



Harvest Thanksgivings – These took place as our Sunday morning Services during the month! Not really what we are used to but an effort to mark the season!



Podcast Services – These will continue on Soundcloud, with links available on Parish website and social media pages weekly. It seemed not the right thing to stop them as many housebound people were accessing them and still are! Please remember the link can be shared by text, email, whatsapp to those who may not be on Facebook, or are less confident on the web.



Church Cleaning – We have made progress with setting up our rotas for reading on Sundays, sitting on the Select Vestry and involvement in parish life .

If everybody did a small bit, the burden would be eased and we would all have a better appreciation of our buildings and places of worship. 

Everybody is welcome to participate in reading at worship, providing flowers, decorating for special occasions and partaking in activities from time to time.


Social Afternoon – A small group of parishioners met in the open air on a lovely  sunny afternoon for coffee and a chat at the Garden Centre. There was distancing and it really lifted spirits.



Please note all services have moved back online while we are under Level 3 restrictions, from Midnight the 6th October 2020

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Select Vestry Meeting 26th August 2020 Postponed

 Due to latest Government Covid19 Guidelines we are unable to hold the Select Vestry meeting scheduled for Wednesday 26th August 2020.

Until we get further instruction we can not reschedule.

We have had this restriction confirmed by the Diocesan Office.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Newsletter August 2020

Hoping everybody is ok! As you know we are moving forward towards a more “normal” way of life.  With regard to our schedule for Services, the table in this newsletter, I hope, will be our way forward until such time as we either have lay readers going forward who are prepared to travel or we find a parish way in which parishioners will conduct Services when no other help is available. As we approached lockdown, we were already finding it difficult to fulfil our need for help and some parishioners stepped up to fill the gaps.

The present rota depends on me being available. When there is no Service in your “own” church; it does not mean that you have no Service! Other churches will be open and as a union of parishes we should be worshipping with each other! If you have to travel a little further on a Sunday please remember that others do the same thing on the occasions when their church is “closed”!We are one parish that has a large number of churches and our will should be that all remain open!

Although our buildings were closed there were still costs that are there no matter whether our buildings are open or not! May I ask that you fill your envelopes/make contributions for those Sundays when there was no public worship during the last four months or so. Bills need to be paid!!

Those bills include our contribution to the continued maintenance of our buildings (even during lockdown when there was little or no activity, but utility bills and general overheads and maintenance still needed to be paid).

Ministry in this parish continued within the guidelines of the Representative Body and the H.S.E. even when the two bodies took different views, although working together, because their mandate differed slightly. There were times when we were all

confused and uncertain.  Keep praying that there will be no severe second wave and, at all times keep safe!




Whist Drives – We cannot make a decision at the moment and will monitor the situation over the coming weeks and inform you nearer our usual start date.


Confirmation – This was postponed because of Covid- 19. The new date is Sunday, 4th October 2020.  If anybody wishes to be confirmed on that date, other than our two present candidates, please telephone me asap.

We still have time to “complete” the training already begun. Please telephone me with your available afternoons/evenings so that I can arrange dates and times!

Social distancing will be observed.


Parochial School – Preparations have been made for opening but I do not have a date yet, but 1st September is the Department of Education’s date. The school telephone number is on the list on page one.


General Easter Vestry – Yes, it seems a bit late! This is the parish A.G.M. with a Churchy name. And, yes, there are elections as it a Triennial Year! The Easter Vestry is for all who subscribe to the Assessment. Most people in this parish have envelopes and those contributions are regarded as part of the Assessment. However, you may join us to learn more about the Church of Ireland and it is the way in which you learn how your diocese and parish operate. All are welcome!  It is also a way for us to be together. It will take place in Old St Mary’s, Clonmel on Wednesday, 12th August 2020 at 8.00pm.



Harvest Thanksgivings – These annual events will take place as the Sunday Service during the month of September!

  • Sunday    6th September at 11.00am – St Mary’s, Clonmel
  • Sunday, 13th September at 9.30am – St Paul’s, Cahir
  • Sunday, 13th September at 11.00am – Tullameelan
  • Sunday, 20th September at 9.30am – Holy Trinity, Fethard


If you could send some pictures on the theme of harvest of your crops, Fruit Vegetables or Flowers to Clonmelunionofparishes2@gmail.com we are attempting to make a virtual Harvest Piece.



Podcast Services – These will continue to be shared on Soundcloud, with links available on Parish website and social media pages weekly.

  Sunday Worship

 September 2020 onwards


Each Month

St Paul's, Cahir


Holy Trinity, Fethard


St Mary's, Clonmel





St. Patricks



1st Sunday

no service





no service

no service

2nd Sunday



no service

8.30am H.C.




no service

3rd Sunday


no service







no service

no service

4th Sunday




no service



Service of The Word

no service

no service

5th Sunday


no service


no service

8.30am H.C.


no service


United Service




(unless indicated otherwise in newsletter)


10.30am H.C



Sunday, July 26, 2020

Easter Vestry Meeting - with Triennial Elections
will be held in Old St Mary's, Clonmel
8pm Wednesday 12th August 2020

All parishioners 18yrs and older may attend.

All Covid 19 safety and Social Distancing guidelines must be followed
Face covering must be worn by all in attendance (mask or Visor)
Hand sanitiser must be used on arrival and departure.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday 22nd March Mothering Sunday - Lent 4

nearly there with making own podcast, for now we might this Sunday join  our neighbouring
 union in prayer using Dean Field's short order of morning prayer for this Sunday.

Please follow link to listen

Friday, March 13, 2020

All Church Services Cancelled 15th & 22nd March 2020

With further reflection in this changing times.. and observing all guidelines... and the directive issued from the Church of Ireland House of Bishops...

All Church Services in Clonmel Union of Parishes are cancelled for Sunday's 15th, and 22nd March 2020

It is my duty to celebrate Holy Communion on every Sunday; so I will
celebrate the Lord's Supper for the parish in private in Old St Mary's.

Please remember there are broadcast and online options, and I have posted a list of Broadcast and Online options for this Sunday below.

I would be grateful if you could share this update to those members of our community who are not online.

Hoping everybody is free of symptoms; but, please, if in doubt, ring your medical practitioner immediately.

Please pray for those who are suffering in any way at this time and, please, inform those who do not use computers or mobile phones - just make sure as many as possible get this message.

I am as per the Church of Ireland guidelines available for pastoral calls on both phone and online.

May the Lord bless you.
updated 7.30pm Friday 13th March 2020

Friday, January 31, 2020

Newsletter February 2020

One month of 2020 has passed very quickly! As the evenings become brighter and we have more light hours the garden beckons and the grass-cutting season is imminent.
I would like to see more of you participating in parish life. It’s not all about attending Church on Sunday morning; it is about building a community where we have fellowship and friendship.
We appear to have made some progress in this already this year.
We have a rather dilapidated hall; which needs renovation. We put a new roof on it some years ago and seem not to have had the energy to bring it back to being an asset to parish and community life. All it takes is a coming together with a goal in sight; a goal which would not only benefit our parish life but also the wider population.
Let us build on the coffee morning last year when we came together and raised a considerable amount for our hall. Another coffee morning is being planned; but we need to do more.
We cannot leave this to one or two; but let us come together as a united parish, sit down and plan and from that enrich our parish life and community so the we can truly say; “We are a united parish”.

Select Vestry – This is a group of people who are elected at the General Easter Vestry to make decisions for the life of our parish. The General Easter Vestry is open to everybody; it can be a good way of learning about the parish you have become a member of. Everybody over the age of 18yrs has a right to be elected to the Select Vestry! Why not come along on 17th April 2020; if for no other reason than to learn about how our parish is governed. They “manage” our finances, oversee and make decisions for the upkeep of our buildings and their contents; known as “Three Fs; which are Fabric (buildings), Furnishings and Finance and  this is what the Select Vestry’s brief is! So, in order to do all of this it collaborates with the Diocesan Rural Deans, the Diocesan Architect and our Councils and Synods. We have some vacancies; so if you would like to be better involved in the life of our parish or to learn more about the parish to which you belong; why not come along on 17th April 2020 to Old St Marys @ 8.00pm; if for no other reason than to learn about how our parish is governed.

Reading in Church – Thank-you to those take part in the reading rota in Clonmel; especially Shirley who allocates readings to very willing people! It can be scary to actually volunteer or be “volunteered”! It certainly helps people to attend worship!
In the coming months I intend creating a prayer rota where people will either lead from a prayer book/script. Those participating will be encouraged to write their own prayers which will be included during their leadership.
Thank-you also to those who read in our churches and to those who, when nobody turns up to lead worship, step up to ensure all present can fulfil their Sunday obligation!
If you would like to be part of any of these teams; just ask. Training will be provided.

Mary Cunningham – Our sincere sympathy goes to Mary’s family. Mary arrived in this parish some years ago with her family.
She immediately embraced our culture and life. She transformed Tullameelan with her energy, faith and desire to make it the best place of worship in the parish. Her last “gift” was the 1st Carol Service in that church before Christmas 2019. The whole community was involved! It was an amazing evening. She unfortunately, spent her last Christmas in hospital and the care she received in South Tipperary General Hospital was excellent. Her funeral Service took place in a full church and cremation took place in Cork. To David and her family we offer our sincere and heartfelt sympathy. She will be remembered in Tullameelan every time we look at the wooden cross she gifted for the altar. May she rest in peace and rise in glory

Diocesan Commission – Following the deliberation of the special commission in our diocese a little while ago; the diocesan synod has now implemented the process to be followed. It will involve a visit from the members of the commission to every parish to review it's needs and going forward into the future.
This is not about closing churches; but rather a review of where we are and how we can go forward into the future better equipped and with confidence in our service to the Lord..
All aspects of parish life will be assessed. It will be comprehensive in its probing. The actual process will become apparent quite soon. We still await our date!
This will also require a coming together to review that recommended.

Rural Deanery Inspections – These should occur annually; but have not for some time. They involve the Rural Dean arriving at the Rectory to be greeted by the Rector and Glebewardens. The Dean brings a collection of forms and information; such as a complete list of all the “silver” in the parish safe, forms to record the condition of each building in the parish; churches, halls, rectory and any other property. In the case of the “church plate”(the “silver”) the RCB keeps a record of everything that should be in the safe!! These will take place between now and Easter! It usually takes all day for each parish and the Rector and Glebewardens need to be available if possible!! I am a Rural Dean and, so will be “missing” for some days in the coming month.



Holy Trinity
Old St Marys
St Paul's
2nd February
No Service
9th February

16th February


No Service
23rd February
Service of the Word

No Service
1st March

No Service

Wednesday Worship – Takes place at 10.30am  and is a celebration of the Holy Communion with tea/coffee afterwards.

Sunday Life – This hour long programme is broadcast on TippFm on Sunday mornings from 7 – 8am. It is presented by local clergy and, usually, consists of music, readings and chat.

Cleaning & Decorating our churches - Part of being a parishioner is looking after our churches, churchyards and other properties. It is customary to decorate our churches for special occasions such as Harvest Thanksgivings, Christmas and Easter. It is also parishioners’ responsibility to clean our churches or to ensure it is done. These times of coming together enable us to get to know each other and to be integrated into parish life.
The days when those long established in the parish, who “knew” how to do things, has passed. Now we welcome everybody to be part of the family of faith, to make their contribution in their own way. It can be a pot/bunch of flowers, a short time preparing for a special occasion or bringing a contribution towards the refreshments we provide at the end of special and regular worship Services. We have a cleaning rota which needs updating! So volunteers, please!

Confirmation – Confirmation will take place for our Union of Parishes  in Tullameelan Church on Sunday, 19th April 2020 @11.00am. 
The only other Service in the parish on that morning will be Holy Communion @8.30am in Old St Marys. Confirmation is an important event in life of Church members and, as, fellow parishioners, we have a duty to be there and to support our young candidates.
There is still time to have preparation and to be confirmed if you have not been already. It’s never too late! All you need to do is ask or telephone the Rector.

Fees – Fees for special occasions have always been in place for the use of churches, organists, graves and certificates. We do not charge for Baptisms in this parish. There are fees for new graves, re-opening of graves and weddings. In the case of Baptism it is traditional to give a “gift-offering” immediately after the Baptism . These fees go towards the upkeep of our historic buildings and other parish expenses. Fees are set by the Select Vestry. Payment in the case of funerals should be given to the undertaker and for weddings in advance.

Weddings – There are fees for this special occasion in peoples’ lives, and they should be paid before the wedding takes place. You need to give, at least, three months notice to the civil registrar at the County Clinic in order that the civil papers can be issued.

The Parochial School – This is our parish school and is situated in the  old  Model School on Western Road. We have two fulltime classroom teachers, a fulltime teacher whose duties are to help pupils in those subjects they find a little difficult and a secretary. The Board of Management is made up of the Chairperson who is the Rector, parishioners and parents. The school welcomes all children. It is under Church of Ireland management and the ethos of the school is Anglican/Church of Ireland.    For enrolments please contact the Parochial School: Ms Rosemary Wallace (Principal) Tel 052 6127876

Whist Drives –These evenings take place on the 2nd Friday of the month from October to March in the Sisters of Charity School -opposite Old St Mary's @ 7.45pm sharp. All welcome

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