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Rector: The Rev Canon Barbara Y. Fryday

Clonmel Union of Parishes, Parish Office :
The Rectory,
7, Linden Lea,
Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 619 05 97
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1st & 3rd Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
9.30am Holy Communion Holy Trinity, Fethard
9.30am Morning Prayer St. Paul's, Cahir
11.00am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

2nd & 4th Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

9.30am Holy Communion St. Paul's, Cahir
9.30am Morning Prayer Holy Trinity, Fethard
11.00am Holy Communion Tullaghmeelan
11.00am Service of the Word Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

5th Sunday, Central Services in St. Patrick’s Church, Inishlonaught (Marlfield)

Wednesday Services at Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
Holy Communion 10.30am

Service times for Holy Days and Festivals as announced on Parish Newsletter

Clonmel Union of Parishes is a Church of Ireland parish group in South Tipperary, Ireland, and as such, is part of the Anglican Communion (Episcopalian).


What follows is Parish News..............

Friday, August 25, 2017

Newsletter - September -October 2017

 First of all, I would like to thank those of you who, on the Sunday before my special Birthday, gave me a wonderful surprise party after Church in Old St Mary's – the cake , voucher and flowers were wonderful, unexpected and overwhelming.  To those of you who facilitated the presence of old friends, Thank-you!
The actual weekend was amazing and wonderful with my whole family present.
Our former Curate, the Rev James is moving on to become Priest-in-Charge of Kells Union of Parishes in October. Kells is one of those parishes that has chosen not to have a Rector because they have insufficient numbers to raise the assessment. We are not far behind them, but the diocese has decided that we will have a Rector into the future because of the importance of our heritage and situation geographically. We can, if we choose, to help this generosity by reviewing certain aspects of our view of  our place and responsibility within our parish and the diocese!
We are in a time of reflection and decision for the future. The older among us come from an old attitude and tradition and, some of us, at least, have “moved on”.
Those in the middle age are of a time of transition and our young go out into the world, as we did not, and so bring to us a very different situation and dynamic. I would like us to sit down together as a parish and union and talk about this. I do not think that this should be my initiative, but think that we must be open to a new way forward; free of the constraining mores of the past.
Our first challenge is the Union of parishes. Some have embraced it and some, understandably, cling to what is no longer viable. Language, practice, law and practice have changed by decree of General Synod, clerical obedience  has not and social and common practice have left us behind in many ways but God's law, obedience to Him and our obligation to do His will have not.
I have no desire for revolution but it is time to meet, discuss and, as a parish community, to reflect and talk with each other; something we have never done and which we should have done at each and every change in our evolution into the entity we are on paper, but not in reality!! Comments & suggestions very welcome
Yours in Christ                                 Barbara

Cleaning & Flowers in our Churches – Please remember to do what you have  volunteered for. And please take your rubbish away with you . The boiler room has been thoroughly cleaned by some of your fellow parishioners; keep it that way!

Envelopes & Assessment – This scheme only works if every envelope is filled whether you are in Church or not! If you need to indicate where the contents of an envelope needs to go; please write “collect” or “Asses” on the back of the envelope. Please, do not attach other pieces of paper which can come loose!

St Paul's –  The Friends of St Canice's Cathedral will visit St Paul's on Saturday, 26th August. The Rector will give a short talk about St Paul's and the group will share in a short form of Evening Prayer. A donation will be made to the St Paul's Restoration Fund.

Select Vestry Meeting – Will take place in Old St Mary's Church, Clonmel on Friday 15th September 2017 @ 8.00pm – You will receive a reminder by text some days before, please reply to it!

Concerts -  The Koln Philharmonia performed in Old St Mary's on Tuesday, 8th 
August before the largest attendance so far in the three years they have visited us. Their musical excellence and their relaxed approach to playing the best of classical music is now attracting large audiences on our island!

Whist Drive – The season will open with a drive on Friday, 8th September 
                        @ 8.00pm in the Sisters of Charity School Hall. Unfortunately a number of our regulars have died in recent years and it is with sadness that we record the death of Joan Dougan; a regular and loyal supporter of our parish. We extend our sympathy to the Dougan and Davern families.

Dean of Cashel – Dean Field has undergone major surgery in the last weeks. He is making an excellent recovery and we look forward to welcoming our very supportive neighbour back into his pulpit in the near future. Parishioners may not be aware of the close relationship between our adjoining parishes and the support and fellowship Rectors gain and relie on from each other; not least in their willingness to provide cover for each other for holidays, emergencies

Kilbehenny – During the last year our relationship with Kilbehenny (which is part of  our parish and has been somewhat neglected, principally because there is no church building there), has become an actual part of our parish life. This has happened with the encouragement of the local parish priest, Fr Kelly. It is the last portion of Emly diocese in our united diocese; it got forgotten when the diocese of Emly was assigned to Limerick Diocese some years ago. The actual pastoral work in done by the Rev Tom Sherlock who is retired and looks after the residents of Kingston College in Mitchelstown. On Tuesday last, Fr Kelly, the Rev Tom and I led local people in a short act of worship in the old cemetery; which, whether it is actual or not, they regard as being part of our parish. The next time we have an “event” in this part of our parish, I hope I will be joined by some of you!

Route 66 – Bishop Michael is about to embark on another of his novel enterprises; geared towards raising funds to enable people in the Third World to have the opportunity to be empowered through literacy; particularly women. So on 26th September, he will be in our school at 1.00pm and in Old St Mary's @ 1.30pm. He will give a short talk on one of the books of the Bible and collect our contributions to what is a very worthy cause – literacy is vital in the empowerment of people to better themselves:especially wemon; who like Irish women until very recent times are regarded as mere appendages of their male relatives.  So, be in either place, and help enable those in our world; especially women, to gain the skills that they can pass on to their children that will lead to freedom from dependancy on those whose aim is only to enslave and dominate and will lead to freedom to find useful employment and the freedom to enable themselves towards a better and more independent life.

Singing Group – This small group of people who meet to learn, practice and plan music for Services in Old St Mary's would love to be joined by people from other parts of our parish. We meet about twice a month, learn new hymns, belt out familiar one, have fun and form a group that already represents a number of parts of our united parish, Music is a wonderful way to bring unity among people, to break down barriers and to find a common cause and mutuality. You are not required to read music or to be totally tone-perfect. So come along and spend no longer than an hour twice a month in leading us towards a closer semblance of the choirs of heaven!

Christmas Fair – A meeting will take place in the Rectory on Tuesday of this week @ 8.00pm – We need to become serious about raising funds to maintain our parish and we need to do this together.


St Pauls, Cahir
Holy Trinity Fethard
Old St Marys


 Sept 3rd
Worship in other church
Sept 10th
Sept 17th

Worship in other church
Sept 24th


Service of the Word
Worship in other church
Oct 1st 
H.T. @

Worship in other church
Oct 6th

Harvest Thanksgiving in Old St Mary's @ 7.30pm
Oct 8th

H.T. @ 3.00pm
Oct 15th
Worship in other church
Weekday Service – No Service on  Wednesdays 6th & 13th September
Service at  10.30am in Old St Marys  – Refreshments afterwards

Your Prayers – Please remember those who are unwell, at home & in hospital. At this time we need to pray, especially, for peace.

Ordination – Trevor Sargent, former leader of the Green Party, will be ordained Deacon by Bishop Michael in Shillelagh Church on Saturday, 26th August 2017 and will serve his curacy in Tullow Parish. Please pray for those who will be ordained deacon or priest in the coming months to serve in our Church. We are so privileged that we have people responding to God's call to ministry. Our sharing with them in worship and praise is the essential community act of our shared faith Sunday by Sunday and on all occasions when we are called to worship in times of sorrow & in joy and on a regular basis week by week. When we gather as a worshipping community, we become a real and true community. All are welcome!

Burials – We have a number of churchyards attached, in some cases, to redundant churches. Burials have been taking place in these sites without being recorded by us or any burial fees being paid. During the last month, somebody did go to the County Council to get permission to extend a family burial plot in Ardfinnan. The Co Council informed the lady of our ownership of the churchyard and arrangements have been made in the proper way for the extension of the family plot.

RTE Broadcast – On Sunday, 20th August RTE Television broadcast as Service of the Word celebrating Lay Ministry in our Diocese. The Service was led by Mr Ger James, our youngest lay reader, and people who do all sorts of things in the parishes of our diocese; on Diocesan Synod & Council and on the General Synod, presented symbols of their ministry and took part in the Service. As Diocesan Warden of Readers, the Diocesan Communications Officer, Margerat Hawkins, and I spent some months gathering the participants, writing the script and liaising with Bishop Michael and RTE. We rehearsed with RTE in St Mary;s, Carlow and travelled to the studios to record the Act of Worship. The willingness of so many to participate, to give of their time and talents for our diocese and Church was impressive and should be mirrored in our parish – ministry is the work of all of us in sharing and participating for the good of all within our parish boundaries to the glory and praise of God our Father and for the caring, sharing of our life of faith with each other!

Feile Cluain Meala – This annual event goes from strength to strength.

Greeting Cards – Greeting cards with pictures of all our 5 churches are available in each church at €2 each. The inside is blank to facilitate personal greeting.Good afternoon!

Bio-Diversity Project – Thank-you to those who have supported our biodiversity project at Old St Mary's. The churchyard has been
 transformed. We need more plants and more people to maintain the beds and pots. Autumn is the best time to dig up portions of large clumps of perennials! Take note of the plants that attract bees and insects, take the spade and slice a small part off, put it in a bucket with a little water to keep it bright and alert and leave it on the church doorstep or in the porch or, better still bring the spade with you and plant it! To enable success, each congregation should assign a small area in which they can develop, at least, a small area that is insect - friendly.

Sunday Life -This is an hour-long programme on TippFm which is broadcast from 7- 8am on Sunday mornings. It usually comprises music, reading and interviews. We keep it light as most of our listeners have just woken up!

  • Cahir – Sunday, 1st October @ 7.30pm
  • Clonmel – Friday, 6th October @ 7.30pm
  • Fethard – Sunday, 17th September @7,30pm – Preacher Mr Mike O'Meara
  • Tullameelan – Sunday, 8th October @ 3.00pm
Please take note that churches are decorated by parishioners for these Services and the more that take part in the actual decorating and/or by providing flowers, foliage and vegetables the better. Contact the Rector with your offers, please.

Harvest Supper – This has been postponed due to lack of expressions of interest. Such a pity!

Visitors – Our latest visitor was the grand-daughter of George Doyle, a parishioner of Old St Mary's who served in the South African Constabulary during WW1 and was killed in line of duty. I love this part of my work. It gives me the opportunity to be part of the worldwide Anglican Communion of which we are part. I often wonder if I would travel to the place of my ancestors in the way in which many of our visitors do

Parish Records – Most of the contents of our registers are now on computer and I have offered a copy of our database to the RCB Library so that those who come to our country to trace their roots and do not have the time to travel to Clonmel can access their family history. We are having difficulty in copying from my computer to the library computer; it seems their system is not up-to-date!

Mothers Union – Global Moment & Activism against Gender Violence – for 16 days, following the 25th November 2017 onwards, Old St Marys will be the centre for prayer, meditation and reflection. Gender violence is one of the most awful things that can happen to human beings. Too often we see this as being inflicted by men on women; but the reality is that it happens the other way as well. It demeans, destroys and ruins the lives of perpetrator and victim. As Faith & Policy Co-ordinator for Mothers Union in our Diocese, I will be setting up Old St Marys as a place where all can come to reflect, meditate and, hopefully, find a listening ear. We will begin with the “Global Moment” on Saturday, 25th November when a candle will be lit at 1.00pm in Old St Marys, a short prayer will be said and, in silence, we can, together, join our silent prayer with those doing the same worldwide. There will be an evening reflection during the 16 days and as a practical gesture, may I ask as many of you as possible to put together a “wash-bag” containing items such as, toothbrush and paste, washcloth, comb and other items that would be useful for distribution by the Women’s Refuge and St Vincent de Paul – you may leave your contribution, at any time between now and then, in Old St Marys from 9.00 – 11.30am Monday to Friday in the space behind the organ and in any of our churches on Sunday mornings or give them to somebody who will pass it on or ring me and it will be collected. Our Christian duty is to help in as many ways as we can.

Our School – When our school opens for the beginning of the new school year this week, we will become a three-teacher school. Our third, and new teacher, will take up the position of “Learning Support Teacher”; a new permanent post which we will share with the Gaelscoil. We will be the
“lead” school with eighteen hours and the Gaelscoil will have Ms Noreen McGrath for the balance of seven hours per week. This is a landmark moment in the history of our school where numbers will be, in the coming year, slightly larger than ever before. With a little effort and support we could reach the magic 40 pupils for 2 years and become a fulltime three teacher school. For those who wish their children, Baptised in the Church of Ireland,  to be educated in their nearest Church of Ireland Primary School, there is financial assistance available to help with transport costs and, where there is either a service to another school with vacant seats or sufficient numbers on a route to the school a service may be provided. Our two permanent fulltime teachers; with the support of our amazing secretary, Joan, and our parents of many years are to be congratulated on their diligence, professionalism and excellence in all they have done and do to prepare our young people for the best possible future.

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