Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018
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Rector: The Rev Canon Barbara Y. Fryday

Clonmel Union of Parishes, Parish Office :
The Rectory,
7, Linden Lea,
Co. Tipperary

Tel: 052 619 05 97
Mobile: 086 275 07 35

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1st & 3rd Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
9.30am Holy Communion Holy Trinity, Fethard
9.30am Morning Prayer St. Paul's, Cahir
11.00am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

2nd & 4th Sundays

8.30am Holy Communion Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

9.30am Holy Communion St. Paul's, Cahir
9.30am Morning Prayer Holy Trinity, Fethard
11.00am Holy Communion Tullaghmeelan
11.00am Service of the Word Old St. Mary's, Clonmel

5th Sunday, Central Services in St. Patrick’s Church, Inishlonaught (Marlfield)

Wednesday Services at Old St. Mary's, Clonmel
Holy Communion 10.30am

Service times for Holy Days and Festivals as announced on Parish Newsletter

Clonmel Union of Parishes is a Church of Ireland parish group in South Tipperary, Ireland, and as such, is part of the Anglican Communion (Episcopalian).


What follows is Parish News..............

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Clonmel Union Of Parishes Newsletter March- April 2017

Spring is in the air and the days are getting longer! Amidst all the turmoil in our world today, we could forget that there are others living on our planet; other than humans, who also need our care and attention.
We have had a Green policy in our diocese for some years and we are called to adopt better practices in our churchyards, gardens and anywhere else where we can better the lives of our wildlife; animals, wildflowers, insects and those other living creatures that depend on us and on whom we depend.
So, this year we hope to begin to address these shortcomings. We can begin by not cutting the grass in an area of our churchyards to enable the flowering of dandelions and other flowers that will help our bees until they have faded. In Clonmel, we are planning to plant perennial flowers and other plants along one part of the historic walls that will also provide the needs of bees and other wildlife. Providing a “bug hotel”, bat boxes/nesting boxes might also be a good idea.
This project is not just for adults; it is important that all age groups take part. So, talk with each other/email each other with your ideas and offer help and participation.
And, yes, for some, perhaps, there will be a view of untidiness! Hopefully, in time, we can see God's creation in the right light; all living things are His and have been given to us for our wellbeing and theirs.


Safeguarding Trust – Thank-you to those who have signed up to be vetted. It is good to have a team willing to help with our young people. If you have filled a form and not given it to me; please do so before the end of the coming week so that I can move this forward. If you would like to be part of this parish tem, please ask for a form.

Singing group – Will meet in Old St Marys on Thursday, 2nd March & Friday, 24th March & Thursday, 6th April @ 8.00pm -all welcome! 
All welcome – this is an opportunity to learn new hymns and sing old ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

Place 4U -  Charity Coffee Mornings on  Friday mornings from 10am – 12 noon.  Place 4U is located at 25 Gladstone Street, Clonmel

Greeting Cards – Greeting cards with pictures of all our 5 churches are available in each church at €2 each. The inside is blank to facilitate personal greeting

 Parking Permits for 2017 – All permits for this year have been taken up.

Diocesan Magazine – Thank-you to those who have paid for their diocesan magazines – I have one spare if anybody would like to get all the diocesan news monthly. (€32 for eight)

Cleaning & Flowers in our Churches – The new rota will be in Old St Mary's porch on Sunday, 26th February. Where no provider of flowers/greenery appears, it is the task of those who clean in that month.

Parish Funds –  A receipt, and, where it is my understanding that parishioners are eligible to claim, on behalf of the parish, the tax relief offered to charitable bodies on donations of €250 or more, a form for that purpose is enclosed. The form should be returned to me before 17th March 2017 so that the Diocesan Treasurer can process them in time for the tax relief to be credited in 2017. I am required to keep a record of applications for this scheme. If you are eligible and no form is enclosed, ring me!

Envelopes & Assessment – If you have outstanding envelopes from 2016, please submit them asap. If you need to indicate where the contents of an envelope needs to go; please write “collect” or “Asses” on the back of the envelope; please, do not attach other pieces of paper which can come loose!

Board of Management Training – The Rector attended the training evening for Board of Management member in Carlow on 8th February 2017. Ms Flynn took us through the “anti-bullying” module. It was quite intense and one hopes that one never has to deal with such bad behaviour in school or anywhere else. Too often, parents misunderstand what bulling actually is -it is the sustained use of  spoken words or actions that intimidate, frighten and infringe on  the other's confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Sunday Life -This is an hour-long programme on TippFm which is broadcast from 7- 8am on Sunday mornings. It usually comprises music, reading and interviews. We keep it light as most of our listeners have just woken up!

Meeting – The Rector met with parishioners of Cahir to discuss matters of maintenance of St Paul's. The main concern, at the moment, is the ingress of water in the area of the northern small pinnacle. They also hope to paint their west door (which is facing east!). This renewed energy in this part of our parish is to be commended.  Maybe we should do the same in each part of our parish.

Whist Drives  - A whist drive is quite relaxing, sociable evening with a nice supper and all for €5. Contributions to the supper, prizes and raffle, please; even if you do not play!    Friday -   10th March      2017

Lent -  Ash Wednesday is on the 1st March 2017 this year. We have not had any Bible study or other Lenten evenings for a couple of years. So, beginning on  this coming Ash Wednesday at whichever church is hosting the evening worship, there will be an introduction to our Lenten study.
Rather than Bible study, I intend doing a short series on our Prayer Book – why we have one, what is in it and how we use it.
So, on  Ash Wednesday evening we will be in holy Trinity, Fethard @ 7.30pm and on the following Wednesdays at the Rectory @ 8.00pm. I hope to have a print-out each night so that you can follow up on what is discussed.


St Pauls, Cahir
Holy Trinity Fethard
Old St Marys

Mar 1st
Ash Wed

M.P. @ 9.00am
E.P. @ 7.30pm
H.C @ 10.30am
Worship in other church
Mar 5th
Lent 1


Worship in other church
Mar 12th
Lent 2

No early Service

Mar 17th
St Patrick
Worship in other church
Mar 19th
Lent 3
Worship in other church
Mar 26th
Lent 4


Service of the  

Worship in other church
April 2nd
Lent 5


Worship in other church
April 9th




Wednesday Weekday Service – Service at  10.30am in Old St Marys  – Refreshments  afterwards

Wednesday, 8th March -  Evening Office & Study of the Prayerbook @ 8.00pm – Rectory

Wednesday, 15th March - Evening Office & Study of the Prayerbook @ 8.00pm – Rectory

Wednesday, 22nd March - Evening Office & Study of the Prayerbook @ 8.00pm – Rectory

Wednesday, 29th March - Evening Office & Study of the Prayerbook @ 8.00pm – Rectory

Congratulations – To Oliver & Anna (Middleton) O'Gorman on the safe arrival of Harry; a little brother for Annabel.

Holy Baptism – Orla Margaret Anne Kingston, infant daughter of David & Anne Marie was Baptised by the Rector during the celebration of the  Eucharist on Sunday, 19th February 2017 in Old St Mary's.

Bereavement – Jessica Wilkinson died on 2nd February 2017 after an illness bravely  borne. Her funeral Service took place on Wednesday, 8th February 2017 in Old St Mary's. The church was filled to overflowing with family and friends.  She so loved her dogs, horses and gardening and had championed Riding for the Disabled; which benefited many. We offer our sincere sympathy to Clare & Nicola, their families, her Hobson relatives and a her many friends. May she rest in peace.

Bishop's Visit -  Bishop Michael celebrated the Eucharist in St Paul's, Cahir and in Tullameelan on Sunday, 12th February 2017.  Our Bishop tries to visit each church in our large diocese every two years or thereabouts. He appeared to enjoy meeting those who attended.

Burial Grounds Grant – We have been invited to apply for the County Council Burial Grounds Grants this year. Five burial grounds will be applied for. In the case of Fethard, we have now been granted the required Public Partnership Network registration number; required now for all applications in the county. Their allocation last year came under a composite number granted to the Union of Parishes. Last year, we combined the total amount; which enabled those areas in need of larger items to buy what was suitable for the job required. The money is put into our parish account and we are only required to produce receipts for the sum granted. As we did last year, the congregations of each church are asked to express their needs and the Select Vestry will decide who is most in need – the grants do not cover:
1.    Demolition of wall, buildings & other structures
2.    Tree felling, lopping of branches and use of chainsaws
3.    Any works adjacent ot a secondary or primary road, unless approved by the Area Engineer
4.    Any works undertaken by persons under 16 years of age

Cleaning & Flowers in our Churches – The draft rota for Old St Mary's has some empty slots! If there is no name to the right that “flower” slot is empty and those cleaning should do the flowers – so, a few more volunteers will take the burden off those who have already volunteered!

Parish Funds – The Church's concept of maintaining the life of a parish is that the parishioners give towards all that running a parish requires freely. - This includes, for maintaining the clergy, shelter & sustenance – the “shelter” is the Rectory  and the “sustenance” is part of the Assessment, the maintenance of our buildings and the running costs. The onus is on the Select Vestry to ensure that sufficient funds are found; but the actual provision of these funds is found through the generosity & participation in parish life of /by the parishioners, fundraising and the use of investment income in the manner prescribed by each individual investment. In the the case of the latter, the new Regulatory Authority is charged with ensuring that all charitable income is allocated to the cause for which it was invested.
Envelopes & Assessment – If you have outstanding envelopes from 2016, please  submit them asap. If you need to indicate where the contents of an envelope needs to go; please write “collect” or “Asses” on the back of the envelope.

Board of Management Training – Ms Wallace and I attended a training evening for Treasurers of Primary Schools one evening about a fortnight ago. It was very good and applied really to anybody working in similar environments. There was lots of revision, enlightenment and sound advice!
Our next training evening is on the 8th February 2017 – venue to be decided – the module addressed will be that which addresses the issue of bullying in schools.

Sunday Life -This is an hour-long programme on TippFm which is broadcast from 7- 8am on Sunday mornings. It usually comprises music, reading and interviews. We keep it light as most of our listeners have just woken up!

Your Prayers – Please remember those who are unwell, at home & in hospital. At this time we need to pray, especially, for peace.

Select Vestry Meeting – Will take place in Old St Marys on Friday, 31st March 2017 at 8.00pm. This is a triennial year and, so, we will be electing new Diocesan Synod members & Parochial Nominators at our General Easter Vestry on Friday, 21st April 2017in Old St Mary's @ 8.00pm.

County Museum Lecture Series – Saturday, 1st April @ 10.30am, Michael Ahern will speak about “The Quakers of Tipperary”. Entrance €5

Concerts - 

Saturday, 3rd June 2017 – Coro Travingolette (Italian) from one of Clonmel's twin cities togeter with a local choir will perform in Old St Mary's Church of Ireland Mary St Clonmel @ 8.00pm

Tuesday, 8th August 2017 – The Koln Philharmonia will perform in 
Old St Mary's Church of Ireland Mary St Clonmel, at 8.00pm – this will be this touring ensemble's fourth visit to Clonmel and their audience's here have risen over the years.

General Synod – This is the governing body of the Church of Ireland and meets every year in May. In the past, 1980s – 1900s, it moved around the country and, now, we look forward to a new era of having different venues. Accommodation is always a problem as the membership of the Synod is very large!
Each of the twelve dioceses has it's allocation. This year from Thursday, 4th May to Saturday, 6th May it will meet in the South Court Hotel, Limerick . Visitors are always welcome to come and observe. So take the opportunity and come and experience church  

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